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About ZW3INC
​ZW3 Inc. (formally Zaragoza Company Inc), established in 2002, is a Veteran-Owned Small Business and a Minority Business Enterprise comprised of experts and senior-level engineers and scientists retired from some of the leading environmental, water, wastewater, and process engineering firms, such as Black & Veatch, and Parsons Corporation. 

We assist our water/wastewater clients with project management, third party technical design reviews, planning, feasibility studies; risk assessments, compliance assistance, water quality investigations, water reuse/recycle studies, process evaluations, operational evaluations and troubleshooting of water/wastewater facilities. 
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Mr. Zaragoza has more than 33 years of experience in planning, design, design-build, project implementation, compliance, and program and construction management of large infrastructure projects. He also has extensive experience in water quality, water and wastewater treatment and water supply. 

Mr. Zaragoza worked for some of the largest engineering and construction management firms in the world, which include Parsons Corporation and Black & Veatch Corporation, and has managed projects over $700 million. Additionally, he was the Project Director for all Program and Construction Management projects in the Western portion of the United States, Latin America, Central America, Mexico and Asia. 

Mr. Zaragoza is now founder and sole owner of Zaragoza Company, Inc. His strong leadership, communication, and political advocacy skills, along with a successful track record in project development, management, and implementation, has earned him a number of awards including:

  •  T.B. Robinson Outstanding Management Award (Black & Veatch, 1994)
  • The Society for Hispanic Engineers Leadership Award (1999)
  • A charter membership on the Parsons Corporation Executive Committee of Leadership.

Joseph Reichenberger has 44 years of professional experience. Of those 44 years, 27 of them were with Parsons Corporation, serving as Technical Director/Principal-in-Charge on world wide scale of water and wastewater treatment projects. 

Mr. Reichenberger’s expertise also consists of Technical Adviser for evaluating major infrastructure water, wastewater, and industrial wastewater treatment projects. 

International Technical Advisor includes; combining municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants for Yan Shan Petrochemical Complex, in the Peoples Republic of China, and Chung Chow Wastewater Treatment Facility, in Kaoshiung, in the Republic of china. 

His years of experience also include; planning, design and construction oversight of water supply, treatment and distribution systems; wastewater collection, treatment, disposal and reuse systems; industrial and wastewater treatment in the removal of hazardous contaminants; and computer modeling of water distribution systems and wastewater system process and hydraulic design. 

He presently is a Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science at Loyola Marymount University, Environmental Technical Advisor, and a consultant to the ZW3INC. 

Mr. Reichenberger has numerous publications and currently participates in many Professional Organizations.​
Richard J. Zaragoza, P.E. (AZ, CO, CA pending)
Principal, Sr. Project Manager
Louis Y. Yu, P.E 
Wastewater Treatment
Dr. Kasper has over 36 years in management, planning, engineering, regulatory compliance and alternative project delivery of water, wastewater, recycled water, and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. In addition he has extensive expertise in membrane system, such as reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and mirofiltration in treating groundwater, surface water, wastewater and seawater. He provide our clients the highest level independent project reviews and treatment process technical assistance.

Dr. Kasper has served as the Project Manager for preparation of procurement documents and construction engineering for a variety of project delivery models. As a Vice President/Project Manager with Parsons Corporation he managed the “reinvention” of two major wastewater treatment plants for the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD), including state-of the-art plant process upgrades, which minimized O&M costs, increased plant reliability, and ensured full regulatory compliance. 

Dr, Kasper has been the Technical Director/Project Manager on several other major projects such as:
  • Managing and Monitoring a Design-Build-Operate-Finance procurement process for a new wastewater treatment facility for the City of Santa Paul
  • Preparation of Design-Built procurement documents and construction engineering for a 15 MGD Temescal Desalter for the City of Corona
  • Preparation of Design-Built procurement package including project specifications, site layout, and process requirements as well as construction management for the Carson Water Reclamation Facility. West Basin Municipal Water District
  • Master Plan for the City of Bakersfield Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 4
  • Process Evaluation for the improvements to the Carmel Wastewater Reclamation Plant
  • Prepared the PAG 208 Plan for the Pima Association of Governments addressing wastewater treatment at six satellite plants surrounding the City of Tucson, AZ

Dennis R. Kasper Ph. D., P.E. Water Quality, Wastewater/Water Treatment
Mr. Yu has 45 years of experience in the engineering of municipal water and wastewater projects. As a senior design engineer or project manager, he has worked for many leading environmental engineering consulting firms in the Midwest and California. He co-founded the firm of HYA Consulting Engineers and served as a principal for 12 years. 

Mr. Yu’s engineering experience encompasses the planning, design, and construction management of treatment plants, collection and distribution systems, pump stations and reservoirs for potable water, wastewater, and recycled water.

A sampling of Mr. Yu’s work: 
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion for the City of Bakersfield, California, upgrading the City's 16-mgd trickling filter plant to a 32-mgd nitrogen removal activated sludge wastewater treatment plant. The project focused on cost effectiveness, maximum use of existing facilities, land use optimization, and ease of future expansion.
  • Water Conservation Plant Upgrades for the City of Visalia, California, involving the design of the city's water conservation plant upgrades to upgrade the existing 20-mgd trickling filter/activated sludge plant to a 22-mgd nitrogen removal membrane bioreactor (MBR) water recycling plant. 
  • Price River Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements for Price, Utah, upgrading the treatment process of a 12-mgd conventional trickling filter plant to a 15-mgd trickling filter/solids contact (TF/SC) process to meet the Utah’s stringent discharge requirements. Conversion of the treatment process involved upgrading the trickling filter and adding a solids contract aeration channel. 
  • Morro Bay/Cayucos Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade for the City of Morro Bay, California. Project included converting the city’s 2-mgd conventional trickling filter plant to a partial secondary treatment plant, adding a new headworks with influent pumping and grit removal, conversion of the sludge digestion system, upgrading chlorine gas handling facilities, and constructing a new outfall to discharge the plant effluent under deep ocean water.
  • Construction of the McChuten/Gosford Lift Station for City of Bakersfield, California to receive customer wastewater and pump it to the city's wastewater treatment plant.
  • Construction of the Las Virgenes Sludge Pump Station for the Las Virgenes Water District as part of the Tapia Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade. 

Mr. Brentwood Bentwood is an AAEE Board Certified Environmental Engineer with 48 years of experience as an engineer and project manager in the design and construction of water facilities projects. He has extensive experience in the design and construction of prestressed concrete, cast-in-place concrete, and earthen storage reservoirs, conventional water treatment facilities, transmission pipelines, deep well water pumping systems, and booster pumping facilities. 

Mr. Bentwood’s provisioned technical review and participation on numerous value engineering teams, including the 600 MGD River Mountain Treatment Plant, 185 MGD Freeport Intake Pumping and Pipelines, the Goleta Water District Corona, Del Mar Water Treatment Plant Expansion, and the 20-mile long Contra Costa County Water District, Multipurpose Pipeline. A sample of projects in which Mr. Bentwood was involved:

  • Project Manager for design of the 25 MGD Robert B. Diemer Washwater Reclamation Plant for MWD of Southern California
  • Value Engineering Team Member for the City of Las Vegas Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion from 66 MGD to 91 MGD, which included a new Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) system.
  • Project Manager for the LACSD Whittier Narrows Water Reclamation Plant Conversion from Gas to Liquid Chemicals for Disinfection and Dechlorination.
  • Project Manager for design and construction administration services for the City of Atascadero Water Reclamation facilities, which included a remote influent pump station, force main, and reclamation treatment facilities.

Bill Weinstock has over 40 years of Bill Weinstock has over 40 years of Bill Weinstock has over 40 years of in-depth experience in design, master planning, and project/construction management of large water and wastewater infrastructure projects. Of those 40 years, 21 of them were with Parsons Corporation servicing as Sen experience in design, master planning and project/construction management of large water and wastewater infrastructure projects.    

Mr. Weinstock as extensive expertise in large diameter water and sewer pipelines/facilities; boring and jacking/tunneling/microtunneling; earthfill dams, pumping stations; storage/reservoirs and recycled water facilities. Some of the many projects in which Weinstock served: 
  • Project Engineer and Construction Manager for the City of Corona wastewater treatment plant improvements and recycled water project “A”  
  • Project and Construction Engineer for preliminary engineering, shop drawing reviews and quantity estimating for the City of Bakersfield WWTP #3 Expansion
  • Project and Construction Engineer for civil site work for Yucaipa and Tulare WWTP expansion
  • Final Design of the Workman Mozart 36-inch and 42-inch interceptor sewer, which included extensive tunneling and deep trenching in the urban streets of Los Angeles for the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering
  • Design and Construction Services for two 11-ft-diameter tunnels totaling 3,100 feet and 4,200-feet of 63-inch diameter high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline placed at lake bottom for City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), Lower Stone Canyon Bypass Line No. 2   
  • Design and Construction Services for the Irvine Ranch Water District’s Newport Coast Drive wastewater collection and force main improvements  
  • Sewer Rehabilitation for the City of Los Angeles, designed various alternative methods of rehabilitating and relining an aging elliptical brick sewer



Joseph C. Reichenberger, P.E., BCEE Principle/Technical & Engineering Director
Meet the ZW3INC Leadership Team
ZW3INC has assembled a worldwide leadership juggernaut of seasoned, highly-specialized scientists and engineers, each with more than 42 years' experience in helping communities meet their water quality needs and demands.

Richard Bentwood, P.E., BCEE
Treatment Facilities, Pump Stations, Pipelines, and Reservoirs
William J. Weinstock, P.E.
Large Pipelines/Facilities & Project/ Construction Management
We understand that many communities have needs the far outpace the budget required to work with one of the water service behemoths. We have therefore made this our mission: Deliver an unparalleled level experience and service to support the water/wastewater needs of communities and municipalities at a reasonable cost.