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Zw3 Inc. Team Member Case Studies
Here are samples of our team members' work while at Parsons that demonstrate our ability to meet the water, wastewater, and water reclamation project needs of our clients. Click a project title to go directly to it:
Project: Replace and double capacity of current equalization basin within the same footprint
Client: City of Corona
This project involved replacing the existing equalization basin within the same footprint (increasing the capacity from 1.2 MG to 2.4 MG) and designing/constructing new facilities for a plant capacity of 15 MGD. In 2004 the City of Corona started construction on wastewater treatment plant improvements and recycled water project A.  Recycled Water Project A required its recycled water storage-pumping-conveyance facilities to achieve a 100% reuse of up to 15 MGD of tertiary treated recycled water with post-tertiary chlorination, matching the plant's existing capacity to generate recycled water.

Mr. Weinstock successfully led the final design and construction phase services for three simultaneous construction contracts for wastewater treatment plant improvements, as well as recycled water storage, pumping, and conveyance systems. the original project included 147,000 linear feet of recycled water pipelines (with up to 317 psi working pressure), pump stations, pressure reducing stations, and five buried or partially buried pre-stressed concrete cylindrical reservoirs.
Work also included six board and jacked railroad crossings, bridge crossings, a pressure reducing station, and two booster pump stations and reservoirs.

The final construction cost for the three construction contracts resulted in a 4% savings under the original construction bids of 38 million. The final cost of engineering fees resulted in a 6.7% savings under the $2.4 million engineering/management budget.

​In addition, Mr. Weinstock conducted negotiations between owner and to contractors for $4.4 million in construction contract change orders for adding chlorine contact tanks, recycled water reservoirs, and electrical improvements to the original construction contracts. Weinstock engineered and managed the design and construction of these facilities as addons to the original construction contracts.

Mr. Weinstock assisted in troubleshooting a problem of meeting CT in the contactor, based on tracer testing. A recommendation was made that baffling be installed in the contactor.
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Client: Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts 
Project: Joint Water Pollution Control Plant, Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant with Zero Liquid Discharge
The Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts contracted to have an independent, conceptual study to provide advanced wastewater treatment for 110 MGD of secondary effluent at the 400 mgd Joint Water Pollution Control Plant in Carson, CA. The advanced wastewater treatment was to meet the current guidelines for injection and surface spreading and was modeled after the Orange County Water District’s groundwater recharge facility. In addition to providing advanced treatment, the Districts’ were looking at the cost for zero liquid discharge. Two options were evaluated: 1) softening, second stage reverse osmosis, brine concentration and crystallization; 2) deep well injection.

The Districts also wanted a concept level cost for a system to convey the advance treated water to recharge wells and surface spreading facilities in the West Coast, Central, Main San Gabriel and Raymond Groundwater Basins. A conceptual conveyance, storage and pumping system was developed to support the cost estimate.
Client: Southern Nevada Water Authority, Las Vegas, NV
Project: Capital Improvement Program, Project and Construction Management
During the last decade and a half the Southern Nevada Water Authority has made major improvements and expansions to the water treatment supplies and major conveyance facilities for the Las Vegas Area. Parsons Corporation provided Program Management, Project Management and Construction Management services to support the Authority in their 2.3 billion dollar Capital Improvement Program. Several ZW3 team members while working for Parsons played key roles in the implementation of the Program.  

Dr. Kasper served as the water quality specialist of the Parsons team. His services included a review of the process preliminary and detailed designs for the 300 MGD River Mountain WTP; prepared conceptual process design and developed treatment cost estimates for 210 MGD surface water plant treating Colorado River Water. Membrane and conventional filtration processes were evaluated. 

He was also responsible for evaluation of water quality of the seven ground water basins which are part of the In-State Groundwater Resources Program for development of up to 160 MGD. Prepared conceptual process design and developed cost estimates for a high recovery RO system treating brackish surface waters from the Virgin and Muddy Rivers.

Mr. Weinstock was Project Engineer/Lead Technical Reviewer for Parsons team and provided design reviews for evaluation of plans and specifications for several large diameter transmissions pipeline projects in 2007
Client: City of Bakersfield, California 
Project: Wastewater Treatment Plant No 3 Expansion
In 2004, Parsons was hired to prepare a master plan for the plant expansion and design of Bakersfield’s Wastewater Treatment Plant 3. The City of Bakersfield’s single largest Capital Improvement Project in the City’s history, the expansion and upgrade of Wastewater Treatment Plant 3, was unveiled on June 8, 2010. The upgrade increased the treatment capacity from 16 million gallons per day to 32 million gallons per day.

 Construction of the project began on September 17, 2007 with Keiwit Pacific Company as the general contractor and Jacobs Engineering providing construction management services.  

Zw3 Engineers provide support for technical reviews for preliminary design and final design, shop drawing reviews and quantity estimates for the following improvements:
  • Plant wide odor control system (foul air ducting, blowers and two odor removal bio-filters).
  • New septage and grease-receiving station.
  • New 2 million gallons per day capacity tertiary treatment (filtration, disinfection, reclaimed water storage reservoir and pump station)  
  • New headwork’s (screening, pumping, two vortex-type grit removal tanks, washing and dewatering the collected screenings and grit)
  • Four new primary clarifiers to be converted from the existing four secondary clarifiers to work in conjunction with four existing primary clarifiers. Secondary treatment includes a nitrogen removal process necessary to protect the groundwater.
  • Ten new aeration tanks and four new secondary clarifiers, together with one return and one waste activated sludge pumping system for biochemical oxygen demand and nitrogen removal. 
  • Two dissolved air floatation units to thicken secondary sludge.
Client: Orange County Sanitation Districts
Project: 10 year, 3.2 Billion Wastewater Treatment Plant Capital Improvements and other Facilities
Zw3’s professional Engineers have all worked on various projects for the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD). The following are brief descriptions of the past projects:

Dr. Kasper was the program manger for the Automation and Reinvention of OCSD’s two wastewater treatment plants with a combined capacity in excess of 450 MGD. “Reinvention” was the upgrading of all plant processes to state-of-the-art and was characterized by minimization of O&M costs, increased reliability, and full regulatory compliance. Extensive workshops were held involving the consultant, OCSD engineering staff and plant operating staff to identify opportunities to improve operations efficiency and reduce operating costs. These were then evaluated in detail with survivor ideas incorporated into project scopes of work.

Also Dr. Kasper was involved in the Value Engineering Study for the SARI Interceptor. It was determined that the replacement of this interceptor, which conveys brines from the Inland Empire to the ocean would cost over 70 million dollars to replace.  

Client: Freeport Water Authority, Sacramento County
Project: 185 MGD Intake & large Conveyance Facilities Value Engineering and Design Reviews
Mr. Weinstock was involved in the Freeport Intake/pumping facilities and conveyance system. The services for this project consisted of value engineering services, engineering design and constructability reviews for 185 million gallons per day (MGD) new water intake facility/pumping plant and 17 miles of 42” to 84” diameter water pipeline.

The intake facility and pumping plant is located on the Sacramento River at the Freeport Bend, which is 10 miles south of downtown Sacramento. The new pumping station will divert up 185 MGD to supply East Bay MUD and Sacramento County WA customers with supplement water during dry years. The new facilities should be in service by the end of 2009.

Mr. Weinstock was responsible for the following conveyance tasks:
  • Design reviews for evaluation of plans and specifications for several large diameter transmission pipelines.
  • Review pipeline hydraulics