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Client Name: City of Corona
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The project involved replacing the existing equalization basin within the same footprint (increasing the capacity from 1.2 MG to 2.4 MG) and designing/constructing new facilities for a plant capacity of 15 MGD. In 2004 the City of Corona started construction on wastewater treatment plant improvements and recycled water project “A”. Recycled water project “A” consisted of recycled water storage/pumping/conveyance facilities to reuse 100% of up to 15 MGD of tertiary treated recycled water with post-tertiary chlorination--matching the plant's existing capacity to generate recycled water. Mr.Weinstock led the final design and construction phase services for three simultaneous construction contracts for wastewater treatment plant improvements, and recycled water
storage, pumping, and conveyance systems. The original project included 147,000 LF of recycled water pipelines (of up to 317 psi working pressure), pump stations, pressure reducing stations, and five buried and partially-buried prestressed concrete cylindrical reservoirs. Work also included 6 bored & jacked railroad crossings, bridge crossings, a pressure reducing station, and two booster pump stations & reservoirs. The final construction cost for the three construction contracts resulted in a 4% savings under the original construction bids of $38M. The final cost of engineering fees (pre-design, design, and construction services) resulted in a 6.7% savings under the $2.4M engineering/management budget. In addition, Mr. Weinstock conducted negotiations between owner and two contractors for $4.4 in construction contract change orders for adding chlorine contact tanks, recycled water reservoirs, and electrical improvements to the original construction contracts. He engineered and managed the design and construction of these facilities as add-ons to the original construction contracts for Parsons. Also Mr. Reichenberger assisted Mr. Wienstock in trouble shooting a problem of meeting CT in the Contactor, based on tracer testing. He recommended that some baffling be installed in the Contactor.